Pizza Menu.
All our pizzas are made fresh to order, using seasonal ingredients when and where we can.


Fresh Mozzarella, finished with fresh basil.



Tomato and cheese base topped with tasty pepperoni.


Veggie Special.

Thin sliced mixed sweet peppers, chestnut mushrooms, sweetcorn, red onions, black olives and oregano.

(Toppings may vary depending on the season.)



Sliced fresh, button, field and chestnut mushrooms.


Meat Feast.

Pepperoni, chorizo, Italian salami topped with fresh red onions.


Quattro Fromaggi.

Fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan and ricotta.

Big Brisket.

British beef brisket, slow cooked in stout or porter, finished with soft red onions.

Ham and Mushroom.

Slow cooked smoked gammon and sliced mushrooms.

Tuna Special.

Flaked tuna, black olives, fresh red onion and oregano.

Blue Cheese Special.

Swaledale Blue, thinly sliced new potatoes, finished with finely chopped fresh rosemary.

Hot Banger.

Sliced Cumberland sausage from Kitson's (of Northallerton) with chilli jam, finished with fresh red onion and sliced jalapeno chilli peppers.

Breakfast Special.

Kitson's (of Northallerton) Chipolata sausage, smoked, dry cured bacon and sliced chestnut mushrooms, served with an optional baked bean dip.


Rich and tasty homemade tomato and beef ragu.

Prosciutto Special.

Slices of tasty Italian Prosciutto ham and fresh rocket.

Feta Special.

Tasty Greek Feta cheese, ribbons of fresh courgette finished with chilli flakes.

Mediterranean Vegetables.

Sun dried tomatoes, grilled artichokes, mixed sweet peppers and black olives.

Squash Special.

Roasted butternut squash, Yorkshire blue cheese, finished off with toasted walnuts.

Mackerel Pizza Bianca.

Soft caramelised onions replace tomatoes on the base, which are then topped with mackerel fillets (or sardines) and creme fraiche and sprinkled with fresh flat leaf parlsey or chives.

'Parmo' Pizza.

Homemade bechamel sauce, fresh free range chicken and cheddar cheese, all topped with panko breadcrumbs and served with a homemade garlic mayo dip.

Rustic Italian.

Salami Milano and Prosciutto ham with sun dried tomato's and mixed olives.


Naked base, topped with Salami Milano and red onion and capers, which have been dressed in virgin

olive oil before going into the oven. Finished with virgin olive oil to taste.

Goats Cheese with

Caramelised red onions, red onion chutney or roasted beetroot.

BBQ Chicken

Free range chicken in a sweet, smokey bbq sauce with sweetcorn and/or fresh red onions.


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